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Posted December 7, 2020 at 3:20 am

Blog post? Right. Blog post. This week I was Busy. Not torturously busy. Pleasantly busy, for the most part. I'm doing a freelance board and remembering just how much goddamn busy work there is in storyboarding (and I haven't even gotten to the clean-up phase, yeesh). It's a hell of a time suck but it frees up a lot of mental energy to catch up on podcasts. I just finished season 2 of the Magnus Archives and yeah okay all right, I ship Jon/Martin.

Like, okay I get it, he's a grouchy tsundere and it's not like he believes in the supernatural or anything, b-baka, and he's an earnest soft boy who writes poetry and just wants Jon to be happy. Yeah it's adorable, whatever. Also I just. Can't with Michael. Who invited this Tim Burton Oncest drabble fic onto the Jonny Sims Radio Hour? He's like if I took all my secret teenage cringe interests, reduced them on the stovetop over high heat and forgot about them until they burned and got stuck to the pan. That's what Michael's like. Admittedly I do smile a bit whenever Michael shows up, but when I do, I bite my lip because I am very mad about it. (Michael is very much how Hyde would LIKE to be perceived, in addition to being a fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity.)

Anyway, I'm delighted to have found another fiction podcast I like (I think the last one was Within the Wires, which features a far superior Michael, thank you very much), and am quite pleased that I still have over 100 episodes to listen to.

In other news, I'm clearly cursed because once again, this page went all the way through color before I noticed that Hyde kept switching his teacup-holding hand.