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Posted April 6, 2015 by Sabrina Cotugno
I'm not fully sold on peppermint. I like peppermint because it comes around in coffee shops and Body Shop-ish stores around the holidays, but I'm sure scents went in and out of fashion like anything else in the Victorian era.  I'm blanking on a more specific scent, though . . . maybe I should just go and rewatch Victorian Pharmacy (a super fun documentary, if you're into history of medicine). Are there any scents that evoke the Victorian era for you? Or: are there scents that make you particularly happy? A note on the fancy carriage: It is a Brougham carriage, a design I liked for its swooping curves and overall graceful shapes. It was the prettiest carriage I could find (that wasn't a hearse). This particular model is a bit vintage for its time but is very well upkept by its owner. Its owner would also have likely chosen the blue color in order to stand out in a sea of black hackney cabs, but I actually made it blue just to contrast with all the yellow and red flames in the alleyway. Color theory! Blah!