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Page 13
Posted April 12, 2015 at 11:11 pm
. . . I am so sorry. I swear I am not trying to "torture" my readers with constant cliffhangers. I am, in fact, no good at writing cliffhangers or fake-outs or any other clever writing trick! I'm just not smart enough for that kind of mental strategizing. I'm sort of decent at writing straightforward, linear narrative, so that's what I tend to do. No fancy Moffat or Nolan-style writing here! Not that there's anything wrong with their movies. I like a lot of their work! I just can't think like them. These pages are just a bit of set-up for what's to come next.¬†I believe (hope) they will flow together well when taken in as a whole, but I apologize for their awkward nature when presented at the rate of one-page-a-week, like pitch dripping slowly, slowly out of a beaker at Trinity College. As an aside? I was in Dublin recently and I so regret that I did not see the pitch drop experiment at Trinity. All I saw was some old book with gold drawings in it. Whatever. My humblest apologies for the slow update schedule! Thank you to everyone who has endured these faux-cliffhangers! I promise¬†this is the last one!!