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Posted March 30, 2015 at 12:54 am
Wow, so, carriages-- they're pretty hard to draw, right? Okay, so I'm already running out of things to write on this blog. It's surprisingly hard to write page-by-page commentary on a weekly comic, especially in the early stages. Almost everything I'd like to write would be better served as a natural reveal in the course of the story, rather than as some random tidbit I dredge up to make two paragraphs worth of copy for the site. Other stuff would include minor world building and researching minutiae--which is probably not super exciting. If anyone has an idea for what they'd like to see in these blog posts, let me know in the comments! Otherwise I will split this space between official announcements (convention schedules, shop updates, etc.), journal entries, and story recommendations. This week's recommendation: The Babadook! It's a horror film that's secretly all about feelings. I don't have a huge amount of genre-savviness when it comes to horror (I get scared almost exclusively by cheap jump scares, so I tend to overestimate how spooky something really is), so if you are an avid fan of the genre you may find this a fairly conventional haunted house film, but I found its central thesis . . . pretty compelling. Also I think the Babadook is kinda cute looking.