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Page 09
Posted July 1, 2019 at 11:21 am

This is one of my favorite pages in this chapter. It’s a shame I can’t comment on it much–I can’t even make the effort to look up what ballad Jekyll is singing–because unfortunately I have been so sick this past week that I couldn’t do anything. Really.

I started off the week with the worst flu I’ve had in about five years and ended the week on antibiotics that made me too nauseous to function. Actually, some form of nausea and dizziness was present pretty much from day one, to the point that I couldn’t watch video, couldn’t scroll through a phone for more than a few minutes, and for the first few days couldn’t even read. I just finished off the final dose of antibiotics a couple hours ago and am still worried about keeping down the extremely small meals I’ve managed today (which were the largest I’ve had all week). This whole week has been one long uncompromising stare into personal weakness and just how quickly you can lose control of your life when you lose the ability to eat.