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Page 08
Posted June 24, 2019 at 11:20 am

Please allow me to apologize for the Scottish accent and Scottish-isms on this and the following page! I generally don’t indicate accents in this comic because I’m just not good at suggesting pronunciation through spelling, but it’s unavoidable in this scene. If anything looks off to you, please feel free to suggest alternative spelling and/or word usage!

Jasper speaks with a strong West Country accent–think Samwise Gamgee–which I try to suggest in his word choice. I do the same thing for Frankenstein–substituting “that” for “this” and applying the present participle in unexpected places–and I recommend reading her with a strong Swiss German accent if possible. The most obvious place for this is that all of her “what?”s should sound like “vhat?”s, but I didn’t want to start changing spellings without a better ear for her accent.