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Posted September 18, 2023 at 6:20 am

Uhhhhhhh couple quick pre-order things:

1) Here are the launch events for The Glass Scientists: Volume I!

I thought I posted this earlier, but I didn't!! Oops! I suspect the virtual event on October 7th will be the most relevent to most folks here, but if anyone is in the Los Angeles area, I'd love to see you at the events on October 3rd and October 30th (That one's gonna be a Halloween event)!

One of the stores hosting me, Once Upon a Time Books, is also offering signed copies of The Glass Scientists: Volume I! I did not know this until I happened to Google myself today! What I mean to say is, both stores hosting me are offering signed copies! Chevalier's Books is offering them here! I don't think this announcement makes much sense? I'm sooooo sleepy!

These posts are getting so long, I'm sorry :( Aaaaah only two weeks until launch day??

I've invoked it several times in the comic so far, but I really enjoy the hyper-specific trope where a character is absolutely freaking out, and the voice in their head is calmly commenting on the situation. It's just a fun contrast! I like the idea of a villain having the total upperhand in the situation and, rather than using the excuse to taunt his victim, uses it as an excuse to have a casual chat.