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Posted September 25, 2023 at 6:20 am

Q1: Is this a good idea or nah . . .?

I'm thinking of doing a little digital gift for my street team--which I haven't talked about yet because uuuuh I got busy. Basically, if you leave a rating or review on Goodreads, Amazon, or other sites that help promote The Glass Scientists: Volume I, you will get to choose a new character art lock screen for your phone! And to make things a little spicy, you can either choose to be on Team Jekyll or Team Hyde, and we'll see who wins!

But I can't decide on the art for the gifts! So the real question here is: Is it too late to do the Barbie and Ken meme? Is it fun or cringe? Let me know in the comments! (You can tell I was extra conflicted about this because I couldn't even decide whether to put them in their regular outfits or Barbie outfits.)

Q2: My publisher has asked me to put together a Spotify playlist for The Glass Scientists! Super fun! I have a decent starting list, but are there any songs that you associate with TGS or any particular character?

We're just one week away from publication date, and I only just now noticed that I never updated my banner ads to reflect the final pre-order rewards designs. :| Well, this is your one-week reminder that this is your last chance to get the exclusive TGS Volume I pre-order gifts below!