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Posted November 9, 2020 at 3:20 am

P . . . purple!

Yes, purple is Lanyon's color, but I really just wanted another shoujo-y background color so that the entire page wasn't just a sea of peach and pastel yellow. It wasn't until I got the flat color work back that I realized exactly how purple this page turned out to be, i.e. very. 

Lanyon's been holding these thoughts in for a while. Of course, he could never say any of this to Henry--how embarrassing, it's simply not done--so it's a good thing he's found this total stranger whose opinion he couldn't care less about and who is not at all Henry in any way to spill his secret longings to!!

Please note that Hyde feels all of his feelings very intensely but does not always know how to properly interpret them. Look at this asshole making my heart go pitter pet!! This makes me hate him even more!!