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Posted September 4, 2023 at 6:20 am

We are now less than one month away from the end of The Glass Scientists Volume I pre-order campaign! Don't forget to place your order and--more importantly--fill out the pre-order gift form to make sure you receive your pre-order gifts!

Additionally, my local independent bookstore Chevalier's Books is now offering a limited number of signed copies of the book! While everyone who pre-orders will receive a signed bookplate, this is one of the few opportunities to receive a signed book specifically. Click the link above if you'd like to grab one up for yourself*--and if you've already ordered your book from a certain website that begins with the letter A, I promise I won't tell Bezos if you cancel your order and pick out a new copy from Chevalier's**. ;)

*Domestic orders only, I'm afraid!

**No need to resubmit your gift form if you decide to order from a different store!

PRE-ORDER UPDATE: pre-order gifts are now being sent out! For early submitters, please look out for a small flat envelope in as early as a few days (international: give it a couple weeks). I'm currently processing about 980 forms (woah!) so it's going to take me many weeks to mail out the orders myself, but I am moving through them as quickly as possible!

Important note for pre-order readers: Please keep an eye on your emails over the next couple weeks! I may be sending you a message to verify your shipping address if the one on file doesn't vibe with my shipping program. I can't mail out your package until this information is verified, so if you receive an email from me, please respond ASAP! Thank you!