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Posted August 28, 2023 at 6:20 am

Thanks to everyone who came to the first virtual Q&A on Saturday! We had over 100 people turn up, and it was such a fun and lively time! I suspect I only got to a fraction of questions asked in our two hour time slot, so if you missed it this time around, I'll likely be having another virtual event the week of the book launch (October 3rd). I'll be having two in-person events as well, so if you're an LA local, please stay tuned for more info! But the vast majority of the readership is not local, so I wanted to make sure I had an event for y'all as well :)

Additionally, I'm hoping to start mailing out pre-order rewards this week! One hiccup I'm running into is the new "harmonization codes" applied to customs forms for the EU (which I just learned about--apparently they rolled them out in March?). If anyone is familiar with how to handle these things, please let me know! I haven't shipped any orders to the UK since moving my shop to Hivemill and would like to ensure my UK and other EU readers receive their packages!