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Posted February 24, 2020 by Sabrina Cotugno

In honor of me finally figuring out how to link to my Instagram from here, I want to ask: What social media do you guys use? 

It's kind of embarrassing. I've always thought of myself as a decent self promoter, but really? I'm really slow to adopt new platforms. I didn't sign up for Twitter until like 2014--and only then because I had to promote my Kickstarter. I only figured out how to use the Instagram messenger like last week, and while I do technically have a Facebook artist page, I don't really know how to engage with people there?? Worst of all, the first place I post a comic update notice is STILL Tumblr Dot Com, and that site all but officially died last year. I want to know where to post stuff! Please tell me . . . about that!