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Posted February 17, 2020 at 3:20 am

READER QUESTION: As some of you may know, the site that was hosting the TGS roleplay forum, Disqus, recently changed its rules and deleted all groups not directly linked to a website (the comments section is not affected by this, don't worry). As a result, the forum moved onto a new website and split into two separate groups. I have emailed moderators from both forums asking for the new links but haven't heard back yet. If you are affiliated with these forums, please give me the new link to your roleplay forum, assuming that you do want the link to remain up! (And if you don't want the new forum linked, please let me know so I can close this item on my to-do list.) 

I'm going to be self-congratulatory for a moment and say that I like how the smoky details in panel 1 turned out! I was planning to say that I was also happy with how my nighttime lighting has improved over the years, but then I looked back on Chapter 4 and even Chapter 1 and was like "oh no wait this was actually clearer." So I may have to go over the last few pages and tweak the lighting. Yikes. BUT the color work on Chapters 1 and 4--especially the first few pages of the comic--took an enormous amount of time to do. This page was done on a pretty regular schedule, so that's an improvement.