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Posted March 25, 2024 at 6:20 am

Hoo! I'm writing this after finishing what was hopefully the last big crunch week at my current day job. I'm hoping this week will clear up, because I need to start packing. In all likelihood, I'm going to be moving in a couple weeks. I'm pretty excited about the new place--it's in a nice neighborhood, close to my friends, and if I ever get a break from work, I'll get to decorate it any way that I want. Which does bring us to another life update:

My partner and I are splitting up. It's amicable, but after nine years--by far my longest relationship--it's definitely going to be a big life transition with a lot of feelings involved. We've been together almost as long as I've been making this comic, and together, those two things have made up two of the the most constant defining pillars of my adult life. I'm excited to move on, but I also can't easily picture my life going forward, just like I have trouble picturing my life when I finish making this comic, which will be finished in about a year and a half. Wish me luck!