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Posted March 18, 2024 at 6:20 am

My Mac desktop--which I've used to make the entirety of TGS, and which just passed her 10th birthday last year--had been slowly going into decline over the past several months, to the point that even drawing a few brush strokes in Photoshop would cause it to beachball for half a minute. I was convinced, heading into this year, that I would have to shell out for a whole new computer, but it turns out it just needed a new hard drive!

It also turned out that, this entire time, I did not actually have the robust solid state drive that I thought it did--it had a larger but considerably buggier "fusion drive," which tend to poop out after about five years (and indeed, the hard drive had to be replaced about five years ago). My baby truly came back a whole new computer and I am breathing a deep sigh of relief for the money I'm saving. That money will likely go entirely to moving costs, as I have to leave my current apartment in a couple months, but it's made me wonder what other daily frustrations I've saddled myself with out of a sense of inertia that could be solved with a bit of repair . . .