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Posted June 7, 2021 at 6:20 am

That's a . . . yeah, that's a lot of pastries. It didn't seem like so many in the rough, but by the time it came back in color, it was definitely more than I intended. I think Rachel had to go out to a bakery (possibly several bakeries) and buy all of them. I don't think she could have made them all in time. 

I have a tendency to go a little too hard on visual gags/reveals. It comes from a lesson I over-internalized when I was first starting on Gravity Falls (my first gig in animation). I was a revisionist at the time (an entry-level board artist who addresses notes on top of other board artists' work) and sitting in a notes session with Alex and a board team. The episode they were giving notes on had a really tight schedule, so the drawings came in particularly rough, to the point that it was a little difficult for Alex to pitch earlier in the week. He pointed to one particularly rough visual gag and said, "Look, I get that you were on a tight deadline, but you need to make sure these gags read." After hearing that, I have always made sure to really push those important visual storytelling moments. If a script calls for "there's a lot of X object" I'm gonna draw like, a hundred. It's really not necessary, but that's compulsions for you.