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Posted May 5, 2019 at 11:20 pm
Physical copies of Bleeding Heart are back in stock at the shop! Note: Due to increased printing costs, I have had to raise the price slightly on physical books--however, digital copies are still just 5$ on Gumroad! What do you think of Lucy's new outfit?? There's a small detail that was cut for time here--originally, Lucy commented on a specific phrase in Jekyll's will: All of his worldly possessions will pass to Hyde in the event of his death or his disappearance for a period of greater than three months. I imagine she still takes a mental note of this strange stipulation, but the mere fact of Jekyll giving away all his shit to some random employee is troubling enough. Besides, there are more pressing matters at hand. (The pressing matter is not that Hyde was a troublemaker, by the way--Lucy's thought is cut between this page and the next. Apologies as always for the accidental cliffhanger!)