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Page 32
Posted February 8, 2016 by Sabrina Cotugno
I'm embarrassed! It seems like most everyone picked up on the "Hyde as the voice of self-loathing" thing, so I really didn't need to go and explain it in the comments. Sometimes I run my mouth trying to fill up the copy here . . . So um, I'm not going to talk about writing or character stuff this week. I'd just like to point out the design of Jekyll's office, which is technically introduced in this scene but doesn't get much screentime (pagetime?) to itself. Jekyll's office is filled with custom-made glass cabinets housing all of his alchemical supplies, as well as just about everything scientific he has collected over the years. Every single item in those cabinets has deep sentimental value to Jekyll, but he hasn't taken any of them out in years. Most days he doesn't even look at them. The office also has thick red curtains which drench the room in a vaguely Hellish light and it really freaking hard for me to light. Seriously this page was so frustrating from a technical point of view. 8'(