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Page 12
Posted July 22, 2019 by Sabrina Cotugno

For anyone confused about Jekyll’s diagnosis, please reference Chapter 6 Page 24.

Believe it or not, Frankenstein has a nice side. A lot of nice sides, actually, but it would be perfectly understandable if you didn’t believe me based on her behavior so far. And this page is probably Frankenstein at her worst. I’m not sure if Frankenstein really would choose to die rather than be exposed as a careless lizard gut guzzler, but now that Jekyll has saved her from the reality of impending death, she can afford to act like she would have done.

Lads. Ladies. Those betwixt. It is summer, and I hate it. I am constantly overheated, and it’s making it really hard to sleep. Any suggestions for ways to stay cool in bed? I have a weighted blanket, which helps, but by the early morning I still end up feeling unpleasantly warm and prone to lying flat on the laminated wood floor to cool myself off.