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Posted July 15, 2019 at 11:22 am

In which I try to do one of those scenes from Sherlock–or perhaps the better comparison is to Dr. House–where House has an epiphany, goes running (hobbling) off somewhere, then CUT TO: him strolling casually into the patient’s room and delivering some big monologue with an ironic punchline at the end.

I’ve always wondered how they managed to write so many scenes like that, episode after episode. I’m sure they had medical consultants and researchers who helped the writers come up with the latest medical mystery of the week, but as someone who has always been easily overwhelmed by research, shows like that always seemed like a minor miracle to me. Recently I watched that Sherlock is Garbage and Here’s Why (I’m usually skeptical of X is Garbage and Here’s Why videos but I trust hbomberguy as a creator, so), which spends a lot of its runtime tearing down the mysteries and epiphany scenes in Sherlock. I understood the logic of the video’s arguments, but I still found those scenes impressive. I guess I just like it when a confident jerk explains things to me.