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Posted August 10, 2020 at 3:20 am

Okay y'all please ignore the fact that Hyde could ALSO just run through the very big gap in this creature's legs that I didn't notice until just now. I could probably solve this design problem by adding a bunch of blue flames all around the creature. Let me know if the current version bothers you, and if so I'll add that in.

I must be having a burn-out moment because I have had very little to do the last few weeks but have gotten only the bare minimum done. I'm hoping that the source of this burnout is A) quarantine B) mental exhaustion from being in animation development for over a year C) further mental exhaustion from the constant state of instability created by the aforementioned development process (I recently got the end date of my job extended from "tomorrow" to "two weeks from tomorrow"--now THAT'S what I call job security) C) the fact that it's taken me a REALLY long time to write Chapter 11 of TGS, so that any free time I've had is pervaded with a sense of guilt and dissatisfaction. I'm hoping that the source of the burnout is not D) a greater existential burnout brought on by poor life choices. All I know is E) I promised I'd post new art to Instagram every week this year, but I haven't drawn anything that was not explicitly work or comic related since March.