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Posted July 27, 2020 at 3:20 am

It's my 30th birthday today! I'm a thirty year old person making a webcomic. Yeah. That's still happening. 

Lots of reader cameos today! We've got Twitter users @sleepyhenry @hungryjoe8 @sonderingtrash @RowanHahn @enbybog @sterncIay. You all sent in such nice reference photos and for story purposes I had to draw everyone making angry grr faces. Sorry. :( 

The bazaar is laid out a bit like a comic convention, with one big exhibit hall (the big hall Hyde first walked into, and where he's jumping back into now) and several smaller hallways where exhibitors can set up shop (where the bulk of Hyde's interactions took place). It's not the most important aspect of the world to know, but that's why Hyde was expecting to find a smaller area to jump back down into, maybe even one with a ladder for him to shimmy down. 

I've got a pitch at work coming up that is easily the most important of my career. Please pray for me that I can get all my work for it done in time . . . and that I can do it WELL. Ugh.