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Posted May 1, 2023 at 6:20 am

A few book-keeping things today!

1) Has anyone had trouble placing a pre-order on mobile? If so, please let me know!

2) I've created a short FAQ answering some common questions regarding the pre-order process for The Glass Scientists Volume I, including: "Can I pre-order if I'm not in the US?" and "Am I eligible for pre-order gifts if I ordered from _______?" (The short answer is yes and yes.) It also includes a simple step-by-step for pre-ordering and receiving your gifts!

3) *points up* I'm trying to teach myself how to make my own promotional materials! I like how this one came out, but I hope the amount of text isn't overwhelming . . . Graphic design is hard! I spent several hours trying to teach myself Canva this week before giving up and going back to Photoshop. I had to become a teeny tiny bit proficient in InDesign to assemble the bonus materials for my book, but these design-based programs still don't come naturally to me . . .

Oh, and 4) I sent out my first-ever newsletter post this week! Thanks to everyone who has already signed up! And for those who haven't, you can subscribe to the Glass Scientists newsletter here! So many exclamation points!