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Posted August 29, 2022 at 6:20 am

I’ll be trying something a little different here next week! As you may already suspect, I’m heading into a, uh, bit of a big event designed to play out across several splash pages. Those pages flow into each other when presented as a whole but will likely feel excruciatingly slow if doled out over the course of several weeks. Unfortunately, it appears this Hiveworks-style comic layout doesn’t have an easy way to accomodate multi-page updates like Webtoon would. If anyone knows an elegant solution, please let me know! If not, I’ll likely be posting a little landing page here linking you to the first page in the “update bomb” next week.

To be honest, I’m a little nervous about this? (I feel like I say this every other week at this point lol) I’m worried that one week’s worth of comments will end up spread across four pages, and then my editor will look at the website and be like, “Wow, it looks like no one reads this comic anymore. I guess I’ll throw it in the garbage.” So if it’s not too much trouble, I would greatly appreciate your most lively discussions in next week’s multi-page update!