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Posted June 10, 2018 at 11:20 pm
Hey, someone please go back in time and slap the teenage me who decided to become obsessed with a character whose signature look calls for tons of glass bottles and smoke. The other week I was at Kinokuniya and came across a manga called Giant Spider and Me. It's a super chill, soft-post-apocalyptic story about the everyday life of a girl who befriends a giant mutant spider. And there's a lot of cooking--the girl demonstrates one new recipe per chapter. It's really charming, even if you don't like spiders (it's a big, fluffy jumping spider looking guy). A++ would recommend! I picked it up after hitting up the Aggretsuko pop-up shop at the Sanrio store in Little Tokyo and buying literally everything there, even the Aggretsuko toilet paper (totally worth it, by the way).