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Page 24
Posted June 3, 2018 at 11:20 pm
Oh my God, this page took so long. Designing a whole new set + Literally Every Lodger for Multiple Panels was just not fun on any level--except, curiously, in the clean-up stage. These visually busy pages are usually a nightmare to clean up, especially with so many characters with different color palettes, but this one actually didn't require much touch up! Everything else though, oh my God. The attic is decorated with a mix of unused science junk the Lodgers didn't feel like keeping in their labs and particularly mad-scientist-lookin' stuff they thought would match well with Frankenstein's whole aesthetic. It's supposed to evoke the classic visual language of Frankenstein (which pushes it a bit into anachronistic territory, given that most visual adaptations were done in the 20th century), but none of this stuff actually belongs to Frankenstein. She might not even know how to use any of it. But looking the part is very important to her--as it is for Jekyll. In other news I had the flu last weekend and it completely threw off my schedule! I'm still recovering and trying to catch up for the lost weekend, and it's exhausting. My room is a damn mess, for one. What doesn't help is this should have been a time when I was catching up from the weeks I was inking/color scripting this page (about four weeks ago)--not only was this one of the most time consuming pages to produce, it also fell on possibly?? the busiest four days I've ever had at work, so I had to take an extra week for this page. I hate hate hate missing deadlines (in any capacity) and it still pains me that I haven't been able to make up for that lost week yet.