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Page 24
Posted December 13, 2015 at 10:16 pm
I was pleasantly surprised to find so many readers supported Virginia--or at least could see their point of view. Structure-wise, their purpose in this chapter is to Make Jasper Feel Like Shit, which is the sort of behavior that doesn't normally garner much reader support, but I try to write conflicts where neither side is flatly villainous. Ideally you should be able to understand where each character is coming from--the right and wrong of a situation should be determined by emotional cues, reader perspective, and larger context clues. (The key word here is ideally. I'm making no claims that I'm a master at character logic.) One reader pointed out that the line quality changed on last week's page--it's one of many slight changes to my production pipeline I make from time to time, but it's probably the most visible one so far! I've never been entirely happy with the look of this comic--okay, that's a lie, I like the look of the first five pages, but that's because I painstakingly re-hand-painted everything over the course of several weeks, narrowly escaping several panic attacks along the way. I'm a lot more comfortable with the writing and sketching part of the comics process than I am with the ink and color phase, and it'll probably be a long time before I reach a style that I'm really comfortable with. The "scratchy lines" look was an attempt to make the inks look a bit less digital and . . . Disney Consumer Products-y.