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Posted December 6, 2015 at 10:15 pm
Virginia has some good points, though. For all the surface-level nuttiness of the Society, it has an awful lot of safety measures built into its structure. It's the only way a place with so many chemicals and other volatile materials can co-exist without burning itself to the ground. Which things did an awful lot in the Victorian Era. The Society also has some pretty cutting edge fire escapes. Yeah, fire escapes can actually be cutting-edge! They're one of those you-don't-miss-em-till-they're-gone kind of technologies. Uh, speaking of surfaces, I just got a new Surface Pro 4! Hopefully it will let me work on this comic without having to be constantly tethered to my Cintiq back at home, so I can do crazy stuff like visiting my boyfriend and my family. It's been . . . well! Honestly it's been a bit of a rough learning curve. Right now the biggest issue is the Surface Pen--a great concept in theory, with a decent 1000+ levels of pressure sensitivity, but it has this one basic issue. No matter how many levels of pressure sensitivity there are, the pen simply doesn't recognize light touches, and I draw really lightly when I do my structural sketches for this comic! It's making it incredibly difficult for me to draw. Weirder still, their new eraser has no pressure sensitivity at all. I keep seeing rave reviews of the new pen but I have to wonder . . . is anyone else having trouble with this? :( Any Surface Pro users in the house?