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Posted April 3, 2023 at 6:20 am

Pre-order The Glass Scientists, Volume I HERE!

For some reason my brain was hijacked by the spirit of Jack Skellington for a panel there.

Ugh, this week was just so much. I'm juggling three major projects now--I got hit with a massive workload from one and an emotional smackdown by the second, leaving me very little time to dedicate to the Glass Scientists prelaunch campaign. It's frustrating because the universe keeps sending me messages that it's time to hustle--publisher or no publisher, the success of this book lives or dies by my own effort. But this week I was way too spent to begin the kind of outreach that I wanted to make. I mean, come on! I haven't even built the pre-order link into the website layout yet. I'm just copy-pasting the link into each new blog update. As I said: Ugh.

It's not all bad, though--I did manage to take a few hours away from work this week to work out and pursue a couple personal matters to avoid total burnout. I know the next couple steps I want to take in the TGS prelaunch campaign. And I fucking love my story team at work. I feel so fortunate to be working with so many kind and talented artists on my first job as supervising director. It's just busy right now! Hoping next week is a little more chill.