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Page 22
Posted September 5, 2016 by Sabrina Cotugno
And that's all for chapter three! Thanks for hanging out, guys! I figure a lot of people can figure out who the big guy is, but in case you are confused about anything: Don't worry, the answers are coming soon! What's important for now is: the lady has the right idea. Only Hyde is dumb enough to just stand there while a giant looms over him. There were a few comments last week regarding Hyde's little bursts of pseudo-poetry. I want to say something about them!: Years ago I read a fanfiction* of the Jekyll and Hyde musical where the author noted that she hated writing from Hyde's perspective. She hated putting herself inside the head of someone so violent and mean. I have much the same problem writing Hyde's monologues--while I find Hyde super fun to write in general, it is so so painful to have to write down all the silly pretentious nonsense that he makes up. I am terrified that someone will think that I think the same pretentious thoughts that he does?? Or that I think his silly writing is actually good writing?? This is why Hyde's monologues always read "INSERT INDULGENT HYDE MONOLOGUE HERE" until about five minutes before I have to set the final dialogue. *it was called Curse of the HJ7 and I can't find it again? I am honestly heartbroken.