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Chapter IV
Posted September 11, 2016 at 11:20 pm
Man. I really have a thing with weird quirky chapter covers. Chapter 4 takes its title from the Over the Garden Wall episode Babes in the Woods!  I love how their little voices are all slightly off beat and out of tune! Imagine Hyde and the Lodgers singing in that exact tone. "Smoke city" is a weird little twist on "The Big Smoke," one of London's nicknames. I believe it earned that title from its massive air pollution and high rates of tuberculosis? But I'd have to fact-check that. A horrible thing I've only realized just now: I've been spelling "The Mad Galvanist" as "The Mad Galvinist" this entire time. Okay, so my spell-check pings both spellings of the word, but it's based on the word "galvanism", so I'm pretty sure the "a" spelling is right. But anyway--"The Mad Galvinist" should sound familiar.