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Posted November 23, 2015 by Sabrina Cotugno
To those of you who speculated it was jam or some other more innocuous substance: no it's totally blood. I'm so happy to see that some of you have already recognized the Girl Covered in Blood! If you don't know who she is, don't worry--she's a character who's shown up a lot on my tumblr but who has never appeared in the story proper . . . until this day!!! She's also shown up in my student film Paraphernalia! I wouldn't necessarily recommend looking to Para for background info on her, though, as I made it over five years ago and a lot of the story has changed since then. Not all of it has changed--and I won't say which parts, although you're free to speculate--but I can tell you for one thing she's not nearly as pale as she was back then . . . In other news um . . . ! I was at CTN Animation Expo in Burbank last weekend, and I guess where I forgot to post an update. (It's here. I forgot to post here.) If any of you were at CTN Expo, wanted to see me, and missed me, sorry about that oversight!!