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Posted November 16, 2015 by Sabrina Cotugno
Mr. Luckett is the last of our current batch of Kickstarter cameo rewards, based off backer Donald Elson! He told me his character has a habit of blowing up his house, has perennially singed clothes, and often says, "Every challenge has a solution no matter how unlikely the solution is or how bad the problem is. So... Chin up." I pushed the bit about him having perennially singed clothes to him being perennially on fire* and made the bit about blowing things up an integral part of his profession (Zack suggested "detonative"). He was originally going to be a kind of chemist, but as we already have two neoalchemists--Jekyll and Ito, whom we'll meet in a minute--I wanted something different. Homeopathy, the (thoroughly questionable) practice of using less and less of a thing in the hopes that it will have more and more of an effect, seemed like the most ridiculous possible thing to cause an explosion. I'm a little wobbly on the decision to call him a Homeopath, tho. While it is a certified Old Timey Silly Science, homeopathy does still exist today and I don't want to give anyone the impression that it's a good thing that you should totally try. DISCLAIMER: Real homeopathy doesn't work, except by the placebo effect. Don't use it for medicine or for blowing stuff up! *which is just one of the many charming ways  I kill jokes by pushing them just a bit too far!