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Posted May 6, 2018 at 11:20 pm
Here's an environment you don't often see in this comic! It's treeland. Fun story: In 2012 I interned at Pixar on the art department on the Good Dinosaur (....I know). I was hilariously mismatched for my assignment--apparently my mentor had seen my vis dev portfolio and had decided based on one (1) page of very loosely drawn plants for my 4th year film that I would be really good at drawing nothing but realistic model sheets of plants for 12 weeks. I was not. I told them so directly up front but they foolishly believed that a Calarts student--a school that I'm pretty sure has never ever offered even so much as one class in realism/naturalistic draftsmanship--could learn to draw ready-for-3D-animation model sheets of real life plants over the course of one summer. Long story short, I still hold a grudge against ferns, but I did learn how to draw trees a bit better. I'm still way better at detail shots, though. I still get stressed out about how to articulate an entire trees worth of leaves and also how to not make a green-leaves-and-brown-trunk-tree look like a five year old colored it.