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Posted May 13, 2018 at 11:20 pm
So after all Hyde's hard work, all he managed to do was to slightly annoy Jekyll. A correction: A couple weeks ago I wrote here that Lanyon would not be too alarmed to see Jekyll covered in blood because Victorian doctors ended up covered in blood all the time. But it was actually surgeons who lived a daily gore-fest, and judging by the original novella, Jekyll and Lanyon were probably gentleman physicians, who saw way less blood and guts on a daily basis. At least, that's how things went down at the start of the Victorian Era. This comic takes place near the tail end--in the 1880s--and I'm not fully sure when this old-timey distinction between surgeons and physicians switched over to our modern day distinctions. With that said, Victorian London was still, in general, a really dirty, gross place to be in, and the world of this comic leans a bit into that grossness. I don't think anybody is really shocked by the sight of blood in this universe (for example: Jekyll's non-reaction to Rachel's first appearance in Chapter 2). Except really stuffy upper class people. Lanyon?? Probably should be?? But Lanyon is also very practical-minded, and so long as the blood doesn't belong to someone he cares about, it's not really his problem whether it stays in their body or not. Also thank you to everyone who commented two weeks ago regarding where they found this comic!! Your responses were extremely helpful!!