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Posted March 13, 2023 at 6:20 am

Pre-ordering The Glass Scientists, Volume I HERE!

In the first draft of this chapter, Jekyll actually followed through with his confession here! Shoutout to Molly from my writer's group (I think it was Molly . . .) for correctly pointing out that he does not even remotely have the communication skills to pull that off.

IRL Update!: I'm excited to announce that the Glass Scientists online shop will soon be hosted at the Hivemill! I've been running my shop out of my closet for the last decade, and while I've loved giving each order that personal touch, I'm in a very different place in my life now. I haven't been able to show up for my customers in the way I would to for the last several months, and this move will allow me to focus on new things, such as making rewards for all the readers who have so kindly sent in pre-orders for Volume I.

In order to make the switch to Hivemill, I will have to physically move my entire inventory out of my home. For that reason, I have had to temporarily shut down my storefront. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause--ideally, I wanted to give you all plenty of notice before this happened, but life has been hectic the last several months, and time slipped away from me. If you were hoping to make a time-sensitive purchase (for a birthday or other special event) please feel free to email me directly ( at glitterygothic @ gmail . com ) in case I can offer any substitute, such as a personalized sketch. (I don't normally have time to offer commissions, but I'd like to do anything I can to ensure that no one gets left out during this transition.)

Thank you in advance for your patience, and I look forward to sharing the new shop with you all soon!