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Page 18
Posted December 30, 2018 at 10:20 pm
SHOP UPDATE: I got behind on updating my shop inventory, so several charms, prints, and bookmarks were listed as sold out when they are actually in stock! If you were looking to grab a certain item that was out of stock at the end of the holidays, please take a look! (But Lanyon charms still need to be restocked, sorry!) I didn't mean to write this rant for Frankenstein when I wrote the first draft of this chapter, but it just naturally spilled out as soon as I tried to summarize Jekyll's experiments from the novella. Frankenstein brings up some obvious points--just about every version of Jekyll has been frustratingly vague about his definitions of good and evil. I would say that here, Jekyll is being intentionally vague--to define his idea of evil would be to reveal some pretty vulnerable information about his deepest beliefs and values--but I also think he's not 100% sure himself. He just knows there are certain things about himself that are in some way deeply wrong, and if he can separate those parts out, everything else will work itself out. This page is inspired of the worst art critique I ever received!! A very accomplished visual development artist at Disney feature was so horrified by one of my drawings that he spent like five minutes saying, "This just doesn't . . . it doesn't . . . hey, you should try like, thinking about things before you draw them. Have you tried thinking before? You'd be surprised how much it helps to think." The dude basically called me an idiot, it was great. Well if that artist could only see me now!! Haha what am I kidding, he would definitely not care about this comic or like any of my art, which is actually fine because I was never super cut out to be a visual development artist anyway.