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Page 19
Posted May 25, 2015 at 12:13 am
I finally have a place to put the logo I designed last year in "pre-production"! Most of what I created for this comic were character studies (because drawing people is fun) but I did a couple of rendered designs that would come into the comic early on: this logo--whose meaning will be revealed soon--and the poster at the end of the alleyway--which is linked to a very important character who will show up a bit later. Heraldic designs are fun to make! I am not an expert in the subject the way my friend Vifetoile is, but I like looking up patterns and symbols and trying to cobble together new ones for myself. Most of the elements on the logo here are made up but are still based on actual designs (you can find wings, just not mechanical wings, you can find crowns, just not crowns made of cogs). Also I promise that the chatty, monologue-y part of this chapter is almost done, guys. I appreciate your bearing with me. 8D;