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Posted May 17, 2015 at 11:18 pm
So I like drawing cute spooky things! On the internet I know a whole lot of people who draw cute spooky things, but in the real world (at least, in the animation industry) it seems to really bamboozle people. To me, it seems fairly obvious that I like to tell stories that go to emotionally dark places and rip out heartstrings wherever possible. But I've noticed a lot of people see my work (especially my student work) and assume that I like telling happy stories about happy people (I don't--writing overly happy characters gives me anxiety). There was a brief time when some studios really wanted me to pitch preschool shows to them. They had seen my short film, Kagemono, but either they had stopped watching halfway through or they wanted to teach small children about the dangers of soul-eating mice (which...would have been awesome). Either way, I don't think it would have been a great fit because: A) I have just about zero interest in creating a mainstream preschool show and B) I really SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED to pitch a mainstream preschool show. A preschool show by me would be all about religion and black holes and man-eating sharks, because that's what I was interested in when I was really little. (Sample episode theme: Can angels escape black holes? If not, is God really all-powerful? Just to be safe, let's worship black holes.)