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Page 17
Posted October 25, 2015 at 11:38 pm
So many science!! All the made-up scientific titles on this page--as well as nearly all that came before--were crafted by master wordsmith and personal boyfriend Zack, who seriously saved my butt on this one. I'd been really struggling with this page when he swooped in and casually rattled off nearly all of the necessary titles in a matter of about five minutes. It was pretty shocking! And awesome! Thanks, Zack. Thack.  . . . *builds him a tiny coffin* :) Um, all the scientists have little (very little) stories behind them, but I'm not sure it would be interesting to dryly write out my thought process for each one of them here. (Not to mention, it's often more interesting to see what readers interpret based only on the page itself.) One notable thing: The world of The Glass Scientists is almost entirely like our own, with the exception that certain old-timey scientific oddities are now scientific fact--Jekyll's neo-alchemy, the Hollow Earth theory, phlogiston . . . stuff like that. There are probably massive, terrifying implications of all this stuff being true. I've tried to account for as much as I can but I'm sure there are Cthulhu-sized holes in my world-building anyway.