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Posted June 17, 2024 at 6:20 am

Shoutout to my writer's group--and I think it was Molly Ostertag specifically who gave this note--for this love confession moment. In an earlier draft, Lanyon had already said "I love you" to Henry at the end of Chapter 13, when they were in bed together. It was a much more casual line that I wrote in without giving it a huge amount of thought, thinking, "Well, they just had this big kissing in the rain scene, I'm sure saying, 'I love you' isn't a big deal now." For some reason, I forgot that saying, "I love you" is not at all a given following a big romantic gesture, especially for someone like Lanyon. Saving it for this moment, when he has to really work up to it, and only does so in a desperate attempt to win Henry back, felt a lot more impactful.