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Posted February 20, 2023 at 6:20 am

Clothes! Where do you get them?

My therapist has given me the homework assignment of going shopping--a delightful assignment in theory, but as a nonbinary person still trying to figure out their post-binary sense of style, I find the prospect a bit daunting. When I was a teen, I had plenty of free time to discover niche brands catering to my specific, theatrical style of hyper-femininity, but during my 20s, I had less and less time to find new brands to accommodate my changing tastes (and increasing awareness of the impact of fast fashion the environment and workers' rights).

Despite that, I do want to develop a sense of style that fits the me I am now--which might fall somewhere in the intersection between K-pop boy bands, punk streetwear, and uh, Benoit Blanc. If anyone knows any brands that could fit this mold, please let me know in the comments!