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Page 16
Posted August 19, 2019 at 11:34 am

The second Glass Scientists musical theme is here! Hyde’s theme is the perfect accompaniment to your spooky nighttime shenanigans. Composed once again by Marceline of Rainbow Tuba Studios. You can commission your own musical compositions at her Soundcloud page here!

This is going to sound cryptic for the sake of avoiding spoilers, but I feel like I only recently got a grip on Rachel’s two overlapping storylines (the one with Hyde and the one with Jasper) and how they intersect thematically with each other.

I don’t remember exactly where these two subplots came from in the first place–that’s the danger of having a story so long that you don’t remember why certain plot points are there, they just are. In retrospect, it seems to me that the two stories just sort of petered out at the end without much of a conclusion (or perhaps I’m forgetting what those conclusions were). I feel like they make more sense now, but perhaps me-in-four-years will think differently.