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Posted December 18, 2016 at 10:20 pm
NOTE: This is the last day to order from The Glass Scientists shop! The shop will close tonight at 11pm PST. It will re-open on December 28th, but if you want to make an order before the end of the holidays, now is your last chance!! I've posted the first round of the TGS charity drive drawings to my Tumblr. Check them out here! The second batch of drawings will be posted there tomorrow. :) Still waiting on Evangeline's request! If you are Evangeline, please drop me an ask on Tumblr! Heads up--for the first time since I started this comic, I may be taking a week off next Monday. My comic production schedule is comforting in its unending, endlessly repetitive routine, but it makes it real hard for me to do anything outside that routine. I'm hoping that taking a week away from that 20-ish hour grind of night work will let me get a handle on my to-do list. I may chicken-out, though--so, there may be a new page, there may not be! But please check in here, anyway, as I will have a cute TGS holiday drawing for you!