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Happy Holidays 2016
Posted December 26, 2016 by Sabrina Cotugno
Christmas was yesterday! This was bad timing! But Hanukah is still happening, so here's a picture of Hyde lighting a menorah for the TGS charity drive. I realize that is a weird thing to draw, but someone told me to draw it, so I drew it. Apologies for this little "skip week!" I needed the extra time to get a handle on my to-do list. I did not actually get anything done on my to-do list (due to Sudden Freelance) but the thought was there and that's what counts (?). For this week, I have some pretty unrealistic expectations of drawing up a new set of advertising banners for the TGS website. In the unlikely event that I'm actually able to follow through on these plans, I may have some new artwork up in the store in the new year! Hoo.