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Posted October 30, 2023 at 6:20 am

Panel four might be the silliest--but also most-gesturally-satisfying--drawing of Jekyll I've ever done.

Live event update: On the off-chance anyone is in the Los Angeles area, I'm doing a talk and book signing at Chevalier's Books at 6pm tonight! Here's the event info!

Pre-order rewards update: I've received the final supplies of all my pre-order reward materials except for my enamel pins, which should be arriving in about a week or so. I'm currently prepping the rest of the packages/rewards so the final 500-ish packages can go out ASAP once the pins arrive. As of now, all pre-order rewards from forms filled out before September 4th have been mailed out! For international readers, please allow a couple extra weeks for your packages to arrive, but everyone else who ordered should have received their gifts by now! If you haven't, please check your email in case you're one of the small number of folks I couldn't match addresses for!

Finally, the results from this week's street team competition . . .

Another upset! Team Jekyll wins!!

If you'd like to join in on the competition (or just want to know what the heck a street team is), follow this link here!