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Posted November 18, 2018 at 10:20 pm
Panel one is my answer to the Minions craze. They will not have a spin-off movie. I don't think Minions craze is happening anymore, thank God. When I was just starting in animation, there was a period when it seemed like every major studio release had to have its version of "cute little pantomime things who do gags and get a lot of screentime in the trailers". I'm not actually sure it was that many movies that did this, but I can't stand the Minions so it always bugged me when I saw them. I think that trend has ended now--because it was super terrible--although they still have a giant blow up Minion that peeks over one of the buildings of Universal Studios Hollywood like that one Attack on Titan big guy. You can see it from my window. I see it every day.