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Posted May 20, 2024 at 6:20 am

Oh hey, guess what! My instinct not to talk about my experience at TCAF for fear of jinxing myself was right on the money . . . because I got to the airport ten minutes late and missed my flight back to LA. Well, 'late' is a relative term. At any other airport, I would likely have been fine, but it turns out the Toronto airport specifically does not allow (international) passengers to pass through security if they are not checked in AND have finished dropping off their baggage 90 minutes before their flight. This, I learned in the seven extra hours I had to wait for the next available flight, is a new policy intended to make the experience more stress-free for passengers, an intention which I, uh . . . contend. I contend that intention.

It didn't end up being too bad, as I always bring some work to do on the flight (I roughed out a scene or two of Chapter Eighteen!) but if anyone plans on flying out of Toronto anytime soon, be warned: get there the heck early or else.