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Posted May 13, 2024 at 6:20 am

I'm writing this update from Toronto! I'm going to refrain from talking about my time at TCAF as it is only Saturday evening at time of writing, and I don't want to jinx my performance on Sunday. But the city itself has been lovely so far! The last time I boothed here, almost (gulp) a decade ago, I got in past midnight on Friday and ran out to catch a flight minutes after the end of the show, so I got to see almost none of the city, but I decided to take a more leisurely trip this time (to the detriment of my new work schedule) and got in a day early. I spent most of Friday living my best vacation life, which in my case means alternating between wandering around cute artsy shopping districts and popping into cute artsy cafes to work for an hour or so. I love cafes so much!!! And there are so many of them here!!! (Specifically, I was wandering around the Kensington Market area, which I heard is a touristy place, but that's okay because I am a tourist.) 

I also got to have KBBQ twice with two board artists from my crew at Titmouse, who also nicely helped me set up my booth! I am so lucky to have met so many lovely people on my Titmouse crew!! I miss them!!