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Posted May 23, 2022 at 6:20 am

He's a conflict-avoidant introvert who fears upsetting the people he cares about! She's a compulsive caretaker who takes criticism way too personally! What could possibly go wrong?

Side-note: I actually really like the deep-purple-to-brick-red gradient on this page. Effective immediately, all future scenes will take place in this room. 

Whelp, it was another rough week in the animation business! Got to work Monday to find that yet another big-name animated show was cancelled mid-production, followed by an additional massive round of layoffs Tuesday. It wasn't a project I was involved with (I say, nervously) but I knew people on it, so it still feels uncomfortably close to home.

The jackhammers continued all through the week, but I did discover that the library a few blocks away from my house is open again, so I've been working there part time--that's been a real life-saver. I also had what feels like a major writing break-through on one of my development projects? Just a shift in the way I see character arcs and catharsis that has been bugging me for literal years, but it all clicked into place so neatly that I'm skeptical of it. Am I a genius or delusional? I guess we'll see when the next round of notes comes in!